A habit is a disease

I’ve been struggling with making new habits and doing away with bad ones for so long. You know when they said its easier said than done, Well they were right.

I feel like everyday is a constant struggle to make the right choice. Choices that would otherwise seem easy and automatic; waking up at 7 am or sleeping early or not watching movies all day. Those tiny decisions seem to be out of my control.

I know very well that little decisions like those are the backbone of major life changing ones. This is why everyday I do my best to make little changes. Waking up at 8am for instance, while my target was 7am and my habit was 9 am is a big win.

It is these tiny changes that give me the confidence to keep trying. However, the challenge isn’t really making a change, its sticking with it and commiting to it that matters. Otherwise,what would be the point in waking up early one day, clearing all activities in your to-do list and then slacking off the rest of the week. The only thing it does is lower your confidence and strangle your morale.

I am currently reading Atomic habits by James Clear and it is life changing! He clearly articulates 4 laws of creating new habits; make it obvious, attractive, easy and satisfying.

Well, you could read all self help books in the world but without making any real change in your life you are still the same person. Read and do something about it. Just like James Clear puts it “success is the product of daily habits- not once in a life time transformations.”