Escape the culture of tarmacking


I joined campus in a time when going to campus was glorified. Every kid in the village wanted to go to this place where success was guaranteed. Campus felt almost like a fairytale. So when one joined highschool the most clear goal was to get a good grade and go to university. The course to study did not matter that much as long as you got yourself in.

You become the epitome of academic excellence and a role model to kids in your village when you join campus. You know, the one that mothers tell their kids to behave like. You are put on a pedestal and you can’t help but feel that you have already made it. You start to give yourself class and more standard than those who reached highschool.

Reality sets in when you are in your fourth year and have no clue what to do with your degree other than join the tarmacking graduates on the road. This is when you start losing sleep as you ponder on how much clubbing and yolo you’ve done throughout without thinking of what to do after graduating.

I don’t blame you if that’s where you are..tuko wengi and there is always a chance to turn things around. However, if you are still in campus, you have an even better chance to escape the culture of tarmacking or making it less painful. Here’s how;

Build and maintain connections

If there’s one sure way to escape tarmacking, its to have connections, not only in your field but everywhere. Know people, even those who you think are below your college status. The best way to build connections especially in your field is to;

√ Attend networking events and conferences. Showing up, is always the first step social then talk to different people in different field as you express your passion in your own field. Be polite and engaging, accept business cards, also, carry your resume, you never know when an opportunity will strike.

√ Join LinkedIn its the best social media platform to grow your professional network. Follow and connect with companies that you would like to work for.

√ Volunteer for events and organizations that you are interested in. Everyone appreciates free services than paid ones. Just being around the people you look up to can go a long way in accelerating your career.

Change your attitude towards work

There is this mentality that a job is waiting for you somewhere after graduation. The ultimate Kenyan dream of: go to school, get good grades, graduate then you’ll get a good job is a total fraud! Do not wait to find out for yourself. Be ready to get your hands dirty with casual and blue collar jobs. You could get ahead by learning hard skills such as plumbing, carpentry, driving or even just Kali. Then you’ll only have to here about unemployment in the news or on twitter.

Exploit your talents

One precise way to describe college: a platform for young people to discover themselves. If you don’t find yourself within those four years, you could be lost for a long while. Anyway, this is a chance for you to discover your talents and abilities without any hindrance whatsoever. Join clubs you are interested vie for leadership positions, participate in cultural events, if you are good in creating arts and graphics do it and if you love writing like I do start a blog and earn something while at it. By challenging yourself you get to know what you really are capable of.

Save, save, save

This may sound like a cliche’ but the essence of saving cannot be overemphasized. Most importantly, save with a plan and a goal in mind. Make saving a routine, a habit and a culture. That’s if you don’t want to go back to shags. It’s that crucial.

Unemployment remains a puzzle for each one of us to solve for ourselves. With these tips you have a better chance to change the narrative.

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