Stuck up suit by Penelope Ward

Stuck up suit by Penelope Ward is a humorous erotic novel that I could not put down. The humor is mind blowing and the character development really stood out.

Soraya is an assistant to a legendary advice columnist that publishes advice in the paper. In her usual train travel to work she comes across an arrogant, hot guy that she immediately describes as; “He was like a lion- the type of species best admired from a far where by any actual contact could lead to irreparable harm.”

On the other hand, Graham is a stuck up suit who owns a company. He is haunted by the loss of his mother and betrayal by his fiancee. These events turn him into an arrogant and heartless man. He hardly keeps a secretary for a week because of his terrible attitude. However things change when he meets Soraya. Will she save him from himself?

I’ve never read a book as fast as I did this one. The witty remarks of Soraya kept me glued page after page. I rate this book 4 out of 4 and highly recommend it to those like me who enjoy romance with a touch of humor.

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