What to learn from Covid-19 pandemic

Life is full of uncertainties, that’s just how it is. You sleep one night and the next day there is a pandemic threatening to wipe out thousands of people. The even crazier thing is that it is not choosing it’s infecting anyone from those living in slums to those in mansions.

The first time this pandemic stroke China, I thought: mmh, that’s China’s problem. Why are they eating bats and rats. Then the next thing I see is that its killing Italians, then Americans and now Africans! So we are not immune?

There is a lot to learn a midst all this. First thing being;

Life is short, make everyday count.

No matter how cliché this sounds, it cannot be more clear. All those things you have been postponing, hehee… Just do them because you may not have a chance to. For me its going to church. Since the year began I have postponed going to church Sunday after Sunday. Now, I feel spiritually deprived and I can’t wait for this pandemic to vanish so I can go to church.

That said, I have developed my own ritual of making time to pray and read the bible. I do not know whether its the effect of the uncertainties surrounding these times but I am loving the spiritual growth am experiencing.

I know its not a good thing to start doing things that you are supposed to do just because the circumstances warrant you to. I should have kept growing my spirituality even before the pandemic. My faith could probably be even stronger.

Be grateful

If there is something this pandemic is teaching most of us, its gratitude. Being grateful for things that you would otherwise assume to be small and insignificant. Things like eating three meals, going to work, going to church, travelling as you please and so on.

There is something about being grateful that makes you feel at peace and contented. Something that we should appreciate and learn to do frequently. For now, you can be grateful that you are alive even if you probably are infected with the virus. Be grateful for the meals even if its one in a day. Just be grateful!

Another thing to be grateful for is your family and the people around you. I look at the number of people who have passed away in countries like Italy, China and the US and feel heart broken. Just thinking that it could be a whole family, or street or town makes me wonder what could they have possibly done wrong to deserve so much loss and pain?

Keep in touch with your loved ones. Let them know how much you treasure them. Most importantly, understand that you are responsible for yourself and those around you. Ensure that you stay safe and take precautions to avoid spreading the covid-19 virus.

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