Running away from the city amidst COVID-19 and curfew

The travel from the city to shagz a midst the pandemic was exceptional. I mean, it was comfortable to have so much space to your self in the matatu unlike other times when you can’t even stretch your limbs. The only downside was paying almost twice the normal fare. I guess you could say the hiked fare was covering the cost of sanitizers too.

Running away from the city amidst COVID-19 and curfew

However, on reaching Olkalou on the way to Nyahururu something really strange happened. The driver started stalling and it was getting late. Parking the matatu by the road and picking up more passengers given the vehicle was already full. However, we couldn’t let that happen. Not with the looming glare of the pandemic. So the driver had only one card to play. We either let the passengers in or the curfew would find us on the road.

He was playing with fire am telling you. We erupted.
“Tumelipa fare double double! ebu tupelekeni ama mjipate mkitrend twitter” I threatened.

Mûtiûî kwîna corona na kafiu hinga ishi” another woman in the front seat shouted.

Soon all the passengers were ganging up against the driver and conductor while they retorted that we should have travelled earlier. Anyway they had no choice than to take us to our destination.
Thankfully, I arrived home safely just before the curfew

Most Kenyans especially in the rural areas do not understand the extent and the severity of COVID-19. Like the driver and the conductor, they want to live life ignorant of the pandemic that has befallen the whole world.

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