Political leaders went silent when covid-19 attacked

The standard

Weeks before the first case of COVID-19, Kenya was in BBI-chaos. The news in all media houses began and ended with BBI. Politicians campaigned for and against BBI in all parts of the country.

Then the virus came and the parliament shut down its activities. Political leaders disappeared from the scenes. The only consistent faces being the health CS and occasionally the president.

The deputy president, ‘the hustler’, is no where to be seen as his fellow hustlers starve literally and economically. Where is his generosity now that it is so needed? Why can’t he generously donate to Kenyans in Kibera for instance, like he did with Churches?

Instead of being more vigilante and holding video conferences to brainstorm on how to fight the virus, our esteemed parliamentarians adjourned the house and went on vacations in their luxurious homes.

Instead of creating FCI “Fighting Covid-19 Initiative and being on the forefront of this fight, they are tweeting from their warm, fully stocked homes.

The fight is now left to the medical teams led by Hon. Mutahi Kagwe. However, it would be wrong to fail to recognize some political leaders such as governor Mutua and Joho actually showing initiative in this battle.

This pandemic is a political-free issue, and everyone of those political leaders have a mandate to join this battle in their full capacities.

Great leaders show up when needed not when they need votes. I hope all Kenyans have their eyes wide open and taking mental notes on how their leaders are performing especially with the pandemic we are facing.

Take notes, keep them safely for you will need them.

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