Can you see? Can you smile?

Photo by; Lucxama Sylvania

Can you see beyond
Beyond the horizon and the sky
Beyond the mountains and valleys
Beyond the guilt and the pain
Beyond the anger and the resentment
Can you see?

photo by; Mateus Souza

Can you see through
Through the tears that blur your vision
Through the pain that strangles your chest
Through the heart break that crashes your fragile heart
Through the insecurities that rob you of joy
Can you see?

photo by; Anna Shrets

Can you smile after
After all the struggle and the strive
After all the brokenness and the hopelessness
After all the sorrow and sadness
After all the tears and terror
Can you smile?

Can you smile through
Through the confusions of today
Through the chaos that come with every new day
Through the uncertainties of the future
Through the dreams and visions that seem too far away
Can you smile?

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