I found love in a keyboard/pen and paper

I found love in pen&paper
Source: photo by energetic.com

Never was I exemplary good in literature at school. I was just average, mainly because I was very good in math and sciences and thought that I couldn’t be good in languages too.

However, I couldn’t deny my love for books. I read everything and anything – well, mostly romance. I had an insatiable need to know what was hidden within the covers of a book.

Then I started writing. At first just journaling. I realised when I started I couldn’t stop. There was a rash in me that prompted me to keep writing. Like a river, words seemed to just stream to my mind and onto my writing pad. Sometimes I had to just stop myself lest I fill my writing pad in one sitting.

Like reading, writing became a hobby. I bought several note books and started writing regularly. Mostly about life experiences.

Still, i felt something was missing. An audience. As much as it excited me to imagine people reading my writing, it scared the hell out of me. Well, the fact that you are reading this means that the excitement won over the scare.

I started this blog after three years of debating with myself whether I could do it. Am I good enough? Am I ready to be judged and critiqued? Am I strong enough to withstand challenges, possible rejection or even failure?

I found love in a keyboard
Source: photo by Peter Olexa

I can still remember how I felt after posting the first article – a habit is a disease. Like a piece of a puzzle in my life had finally found its place. I remind myself of that feeling every time I feel to too overwhelmed or unmotivated to write.

I somehow thought that blogging would be easy. You know, just posting an article several days in a week and that’s it. Well, I have never had to work for something this hard. From coming up with content to customizing themes – its a lot

I have always had issues with commitment and still do. Blogging is helping me commit to what I promise myself to do. Its too important to me that I just have to do it and I love it😍.

I am still a newbie in this art and I am very willing and eager to learn along the way. Please comment below and let me know what I could do to make your experience even more exciting, worthwhile and make you coming for more.

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