Do you wanna be a Blogster?

Frustrated writer
Source: Photo by Oladimeji Ajegbile

It sounds like a dream for a newbie who has only been in the blogging art for less than four months but well, a newbie can dream.

Especially because of the passion that burns inside, the passion to write and share my world to all that care to read.

Yet I can’t seem to transfer all that passion to my writing, to marketing, to advertising – its so frustrating. I always feel like am holding back, yet I have little clue to what it is am withholding

As I write this, I am sighing repeatedly with frustration. Why am I holding back? I wanna be a Blogster after all.

frustrated content creator
Source: photo by

I have read lots and lots of articles and watched videos on how to write outstanding posts, how to hit 5k followers in 6 months and
so on. But then I get overwhelmed by reading so much ‘how to’ content that only live me high and dry.

So how? How do I become a Christian Mihai?
Even a better question, do I want it bad enough?
And if you are a newbie like me, do you want to be a Blogster? and how bad do you want it?

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