Dear millennials; the struggle is worth it

There is always light at the end of the tunnel

I recently hit a thousand followers on Twitter after more than three months of so much dedication and focus. I never realised so much work was needed just to have people follow you.

Twitter Screenshot

On the other hand, there are people who are born with millions of followers. Yea, life is unfair like that. However, I am not complaining. I am just sorry for them because they don’t get to feel how I felt after hitting that 1k. It felt good. All the effort was definitely worth it.

We live in a world and times that are so technologically advanced that you can get almost everything you want in a click of a button; This has made as think that success can come just as easily.

You graduate thinking that there is a job waiting just for you, only to tarmac for months if not years. You start a blog thinking or hoping may be one of your post will go viral and you’ll become instantly famous and gain hundred of thousands of followers. I know some have such good luck but where is the thrill and joy in that?

Stories from those who succeed with minimal struggle can seem uninspiring. Nevertheless, they will show you that success without struggle is less worthy and more than likely to be taken for granted. The struggle always is worth it eventually

As much as you want it so bad, instant success could ruin you. It could end up feeling less than what you imagined it to be. The best you can do is to appreciate and trust the process so that when success comes you will celebrate the journey as well as the victory.

The best success stories are told by those whose journey to getting there was full of set backs and challenges. That’s what makes the stories inspiring. Those are the stories that give those who are still in their journey hope.

WordPress has these little milestone that when you reach them they send you a congratulatory message. They sent me one recently for hitting 50 likes on my blog and damn, it felt great. These little milestones keep me going when I feel like giving up.

Most of us have to work twice as hard for seemingly insignificant things that others may take for granted. That’s just how life is, so quit grumbling and get to work.

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2 thoughts on “Dear millennials; the struggle is worth it

  1. This is so encouraging Annclaire. I got to know of you from the remarkable freelance writers on FB. I want to start my own blog too a different niche though. Keep going girl!

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