Fears that held me back from starting my blog

Putting my thoughts, opinions and beliefs out there for all to read and criticize seemed life threatening to me

Wednesday words of wisdom #2

Source: pexels-pixabay Words by Michelle Obama Never ever be embarrassed by your struggles, never view your challenges as a disadvantage but as an advantage Stay true to yourself, all the name calling can't define you, its just noise The first job of being a woman is knowing yourself. Stop pleasing, looking to the world to … Continue reading Wednesday words of wisdom #2

Gratitude: “The fairest blossom which springs from the soul”

Gratitude turns what we have into enough

Adulting is trial and error

Adulting is all about trial and error and making the best of even the worst of situations

What if? The question behind possibilities

The big question is, are you willing to pay the price?

Wednesday words of wisdom👌 #1

Source; pixels.com Define success by what you give, not what you get We all have the desire to succeed but most of us want to watch others do it Belief all you want as long as that belief serves you Criticism is the defense reaction that scared people use to protect themselves against change Jealousy … Continue reading Wednesday words of wisdom👌 #1

Authenticity versus chasing views, likes and comments

How many will like it? Who will care enough to leave a comment?

The Leader Who Had No Tittle by Robin Sharma

Book cover Most of us think, even belief that leaders are born, not made. Barack Obama, Steve Jobs, Abraham Lincoln even Bob Collymore among others are seen as icons of leadership. To them leadership seem to be their birth right, they were born to be leaders. Robin Sharma, on the other hand believes that we … Continue reading The Leader Who Had No Tittle by Robin Sharma

What to do on a boring Saturday afternoon

Don't let boredom kill you on the weekends. Watch one of these if you haven't😉

Thank you: To my readers

It is with sincere gratitude that i write this post to thank all my followers and readers for their continued support. You are the reason that I write even when I am too tired or uninspired and unmotivated. Reading your feedback on the comment section is the best part of my day. As this month … Continue reading Thank you: To my readers