To post or not to post: When inspiration fails.

inspiration fail. source: I was supposed to post an article on Sunday as i usually do. I was however faced with a dilemma of "to post or not to post" . Inspiration failed me and I had to make a choice between posting a half baked article and not posting anything at all. The … Continue reading To post or not to post: When inspiration fails.

6 things I love about blogging

Blogging like other arts, provides a platform for bloggers to pour out their hearts and souls through words.

Blogging is no walk in the park as many assume

There are days when I stare blankly at a blank page, waiting for inspiration to hit me

RESPECT!! ( Six minute writing challenge)

I am mad and frustrated with how disrespect our generation is. We are proud and entitled and arrogant, most of us that is. We need to change! We need to do better Our parents and grand parents valued and treasured respect. It was ingrained in them as they grew up. Millennials on the other hand, … Continue reading RESPECT!! ( Six minute writing challenge)

Challenges of a newbie blogger

blogger's work space, source; photo by My phone broke down two weeks ago with no warning at all. In those two weeks I didn't write or post anything. I couldn't write even on my journal. i am so used to writing on my phone that writing elsewhere was daunting. Its dissapointing how this little … Continue reading Challenges of a newbie blogger

Self compassion

be compassionate to yourselves

Youth is a moving target

you don't want to go to your kids parents day and other kids think you are the grandparent

Teen pregnancy; the elephant in the room

I will not tell you to wait till marriage to have sex. I am a feminist, and I believe that your body is yours to make choices for yourself of what pertains to your sexuality.


Get rid of all bitterness passion and anger. No more shouting or insults, no more hateful feelings of any sort. Instead be kind and tenderhearted to each other and forgive each other as God has forgiven you through Jesus Christ

Baby fever and the fear of missing out

Those like me(no plans of getting knocked up anytime soon) are suffering from this fever too.