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Dear millennials; the struggle is worth it

I recently hit a thousand followers on Twitter after more than three months of so much dedication and focus. I never realised so much work was needed just to have people follow you. On the other hand, there are people who are born with millions of followers. Yea, life is unfair like that. However, I am not complaining. I am just sorry for them because they don’t get to feel how I felt after hitting that 1k. It felt good. All the effort was definitely worth it. We live in a world and times that are so technologically advanced that … Continue reading Dear millennials; the struggle is worth it

Wednesday words of wisdom #2

Words by Michelle Obama Never ever be embarrassed by your struggles, never view your challenges as a disadvantage but as an advantage Stay true to yourself, all the name calling can’t define you, its just noise The first job of being a woman is knowing yourself. Stop pleasing, looking to the world to define you, listening to limited ideas of who they think we are. Untethered soul by Val Brian The solution to your inner problems is not in the world outside, even if you change things outside you will not be okay To attain inner freedom you must objectively … Continue reading Wednesday words of wisdom #2

Wednesday words of wisdom👌 #1

Define success by what you give, not what you get We all have the desire to succeed but most of us want to watch others do it Belief all you want as long as that belief serves you Criticism is the defense reaction that scared people use to protect themselves against change Jealousy is the tribute that mediocrity pays to genius Pain is temporary, quitting lasts forever The brave eat their fears before their fears eat them The more time you spend out of your comfort zone the wider it grows Lead yourself first, only then will you get to … Continue reading Wednesday words of wisdom👌 #1

The Leader Who Had No Tittle by Robin Sharma

Most of us think, even belief that leaders are born, not made. Barack Obama, Steve Jobs, Abraham Lincoln even Bob Collymore among others are seen as icons of leadership. To them leadership seem to be their birth right, they were born to be leaders. Robin Sharma, on the other hand believes that we were all born leaders. Blake Davis, the main character in this book is portrayed as lost in life after his discharge from his army deployment in Iraq. His life is a mess with neither direction nor focus. However his life comes to life when he meets Tommy … Continue reading The Leader Who Had No Tittle by Robin Sharma