Dear millennials; the struggle is worth it

There is always light at the end of the tunnel I recently hit a thousand followers on Twitter after more than three months of so much dedication and focus. I never realised so much work was needed just to have people follow you. Twitter Screenshot On the other hand, there are people who are born … Continue reading Dear millennials; the struggle is worth it


5 Assumptions about introverts I like calmness and quiet. Infact, I thrive in it. In this environment, I am able to think, to connect with my self and my surroundings. I love listening to people's opinions. I am a good listener by the way. I don't feel the need to always be the one being listened to. I … Continue reading 5 Assumptions about introverts

Skinny shaming is not okay I have been skinny for as long as I can recall. I was never body conscious though. In campus, my physique was fashionable and model-likened. In short, my body type was glorified. Since I joined the work force a few years ago, I have felt the overwhelming impact of skinny shaming. I have been … Continue reading Skinny shaming is not okay

Wednesday Words of Wisdom #3 Better late than is unpredictable, hence the delay on this episode. The quotes of this week's www are from a self help book on assertiveness. I actively sought out these books on assertiveness because I felt like life was happening to me and I was not actively involved in the things and decisions … Continue reading Wednesday Words of Wisdom #3

What is the future of written content?

Photo by Anna Nekrashevich on I have an insatiable need to read stuff. Anything from articles, magazines, blog posts fiction and nonfiction books. It's a craving I can not get rid off. With that said, I have a preference for hard copy materials to reading online. However, most content is available on the internet … Continue reading What is the future of written content?

Wednesday Words of Wisdom #2

I am re-reading Atomic habits by James Clear. I think that this is a book that everyone should read at least once. It articulates the power of our daily habits and how significant they are to our long term achievements and success. Incase you haven't read it yet these quotes will give you a glimpse … Continue reading Wednesday Words of Wisdom #2

Who do you wish to become in 2022 A new year calls for new beginnings. New resolutions, new set of goals. There is something about the beginning of a new year, month and even a week that makes as hopeful that we can change things for the better. However, new beginnings come and go. We may find ourselves at the end of … Continue reading Who do you wish to become in 2022

Wednesday Words of Wisdom #1

Today we begin our first episode of WWW (🥁 drum rolls please 🥳) The purpose of these series of episodes is to give you valuable messages from bestselling self help books. I know we are not all funs of reading books, especially not the self-help genre. I therefore purpose to boost your psyche and help … Continue reading Wednesday Words of Wisdom #1

Wednesday Words of Wisdom🗣️

This episode of WWW will come from a book I am currently reading. I love self help books and have a dozen of them downloaded on my phone so that I can access them anytime I need to. Most of the quotes here are about how to conquer fear. Here we go... The people you … Continue reading Wednesday Words of Wisdom🗣️